We invite all those who love and admire trees and would like to protect them for the III international TREE FRIENDS FORUM.


27-28 October

3rd Tree Friends Forum

Ponadregionalne Rolnicze Centrum Kongresowe w Pawłowicach Uniwersytetu Przyrodniczego we Wrocławiu (Arboretum w Pawłowicach), ul. Pawłowicka 87/89, 101

During the third Tree Friends Forum we will be looking for answers to current challenges in the protection of trees. The regulations for trees have fundamentally changed since the previous Forum. Currently, the fate of trees depends more than ever on the consciousness of their owners and the thought-out policy of the municipalities. And trees are the most important element of green infrastructure, which satisfies numerous social needs and provides people with a high quality of life. Whether it works well depends on how effectively we care for it. The special guest of the Forum will be John Parker  – Transport for London & Chair of the London Tree Officers Association (LTOA).

During the Forum we will be looking for answers to the following questions:

  • How to protect trees in the city in the face of new challenges?
  • Is the City Gardener enough to protect trees?
  • What mechanisms can be used to green the city?

We will:

  • talk about safety, risk management and our concerns about the presence of trees in the city,
  • learn how trees are managed in London and what is the approach to old trees in the streets,
  • get to know each other, establish and strengthen contacts, exchange our experiences from activities for the benefit of trees and together we will consider the methods of obtaining funds for the protection of trees.