About us

Our team consists of experienced specialists working together for many years now with the ”Roads for Nature” Programme and Fundacja EkoRozwoju. It is not just trees that we know about, as our expertise also extends to the founding of partnerships with local governments and those managing roads and roadsides, support for partners in society working to save of trees and ways to influence the media. What unites us is our love of trees and our desire to preserve and protect them, in the interests of both people and nature.
Our activity serving trees and their protection commenced in 2007, when we launched a public campaign entitled Sadzimy dęby w Dolinie Baryczy (“Let’s plant trees in the Barycz Valley”). That was followed in 2009 by the Drogi dla Natury (“Roads for Nature”) Programme, seeking to counteract the loss of avenues and lines of roadside trees from the Polish landscape, by means of cooperation with public administration and partners in society.
We currently deal, not only with roadside trees, but with any trees located in the vicinity of people, in cities, and also in the countryside. To help with this, we have established an extensive knowledge base, brought out many publications and trained thousands of people responsible for the protection and management of trees.


  • Since it first arose in 1991 (then as the Fundacja Oławy i Nysy Kłodzkiej), FER has cared for trees, planted them, and stood up in their defence as necessary. In 2007, the Foundation commenced with its Sadzimy dęby w Dolinie Baryczy (“Plant Trees in the Barycz Valley”) campaign. Winning the support of partners in both local government and civil society, as well as consistent promotion in the local press, the Project worked to ensure that inhabitants of given areas came to notice their old trees (especially oaks) as key elements in that area’s identity.

    ul. św. Wincentego 25 A, C
    50-252 Wrocław
    Phone: +48 71 343 60 35
    E-mail: biuro@eko.org.pl

  • The Eko-Inicjatywa Association, in operation since the year 2000, engages in environmental education and the active protection of nature, i.a. working on Reserves established to protect xerothermic vegetation, revitalising traditional orchards and monitoring for the occurrence of the hermit beetle. Since the beginning of its activity, it has had a consistent involvement in environmental education activity among the inhabitants of Kwidzyn. In that context, it has devised numerous educational programmes and lesson-plans. In recognition of its innovative approach to education and outstanding achievements in general, the organisation in 2013 won the title of “Place successfully identifying talent”, as awarded by Poland’s Minister of National Education.

    Stowarzyszenie Eko-Inicjatywa
    ul. Miłosna 1, 82-500 Kwidzyn
    Phone: +48 55 261 22 16
    E-mail: sekretariat@ekokwidzyn.pl

  • BUND is a Union for the Environment and Nature Conservation (jn full Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz, BUND e.V.) and can be seen as Germany’s strongest organisation acting in the name of environmental protection. The general aim of BUND to help safeguard humankind and its existence, and therefore also those of animals, plants and the natural environment. The branch in the Land of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (i.e. BUND MV) was founded in 1990, soon after German Reunification.

    Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Landesverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    Wismarsche Straße 152
    19053 Schwerin
    Phone: +49 03 85/52 13 39 - 0
    E-mail: bund.mv@bund.net


  • Magda Berezowska-Niedźwiedź


    Since 2005, Magdalena has been implementing projects whose common themes are sustainable development, nature conservation and civil society. Issues relating to the protection of trees are particularly close to her, hence her involvement in activities contributing to the protection of endangered habitats and species, not least collaboration on projects such as "Natura 2000 Watchtower" and "Guardians of trees".
  • Dorota Chmielowiec-Tyszko


    Involved in cooperative ventures with the Foundation For Sustainable Development since 1997, Dorota initiated activities regarding rural development harmonised with nature conservation in the Barycz Valley. Over the last several years, she has coordinated projects and worked as a local animator in the "Roads for Nature" Programme. Her university degree is in nature philosophy, and she is also a Certified Tree Inspector.
  • Piotr Tyszko-Chmielowiec


    Tree expert and advocate, leader of the "Roads for Nature" Programme, lecturer and co-author of publications on tree management. He has also been involved in nature conservation and rural development in the Barycz Valley, as well as organizing Polish-Ukrainian cooperation and volunteering in building a school in Africa. He is a graduate of Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, USA (Ph.D.).
  • Kamil Witkoś-Gnach


    Kamil is Deputy Director and co-founder of the Polish Tree Institute, and an arboricultural consultant. He studied forestry at the University of Aberdeen. He then moved to Bialowieza National Park, where he worked as a Recreation Forester. Later Kamil joined the “Roads for Nature” Programme as Project Manager and Coordinator of Training.
    kamil@fer.org.pl +48 534995087
  • Małgorzata  Konat


    Małgorzata has been involved in administrative and financial tasks relating to the "Roads for Nature" Programme since 2011, and is now in charge of this aspect of the project entitled "Trees for Green Infrastructure in Europe". She is a graduate of the University of Economics in Wroclaw, and privately also breakdance master in the Raw Bgirls Crew team.


  • 40 000

    trees planted around the country

  • 5 000

    participants of seminars and conferences

  • 20 000

    copies of publications

  • 8

    countries cooperating in our network


    of saved trees thanks to Frieds of Trees Network support


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