Standards for working in trees and their surroundings

This publication has been developed in order to make it easier for users to become aquatinted with standards for working in trees and their surroundings, and determine their usefulness as well as methods of implementation under the project entitled “Trees for Europe’s Green Infrastructure”11 (hereinafter referred to as Standards). The objectives and tasks of the project are described in more detail in Chapter 2 of this document. The manual contains a description of the Standards, target groups, recommendations concerning the scope of implementation, a short guide to the implementation processbased on the example of selected institutions, and additional information helpful in the application of the Standards described in a given institution, as well as in a process of making arrangements with already existing guidelines or legal regulations. The manual is based on the content published in 2020–2021 and refers to the goals and methods of use in accordance with the intentions of the authors and leaders of the “Trees for Europe’s Green Infrastructure” project.