The standard of tree pruning and care

Proper tree care and protection is an investment in the future. For trees in man-made environments to live long and prosper, their management should follow certain standards. The following standards, which we have developed as part of the “Trees for Europe’s Green Infrastructure” project, serve this purpose.

The standard of tree pruning and care systematizes the types of work on trees and in their surroundings, clearly separating different types of cuts, mechanical reinforcements and maintenance works. In addition to the technical aspects of the interventions, their purpose and applications for various categories of trees were considered. This approach allows to organize the types of work on trees and to define their purpose and scope as well as their application in their surroundings, as well as to improve communication between contracting authorities and contractors. The innovative approach adopted here, taking into account the needs of trees, allows for adjusting activities for the longest life of trees, in accordance with the needs of public safety.